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Welcome to the ALT Annual Conference 2014 networking site. This site is designed to help you make connections between people and knowledge as well as helping you engage in this year’s conference. It’s main purpose is to help you to:

Many of the features on this site like the programme and streamed sessions are available without a login. For other features of this site you need register which is free!

Register here!


Our top tips for getting connected

We have a number of video ‘how-to’ guides to help you get started but if you want to dive in we suggest:

  1. Register
  2. Login and click ‘My Profile’ (top right) to View, Edit and Change your avatar
  3. Find some friends
  4. Browse the Programme to find sessions you want to follow/attend (clicking on the session title gives more information about the session and see any discussion)
  5. Find some more people to connect with by seeing who else is attending from the sessions Members tab

Still want to do more?

  1. if you blog you can register it in your profile in Edit > Additional tab and any posts with #altc in the title or content will be collect it in the Reader and distribute it to all registered users subscribed to the Daily Conference Newsletter
  2. See how the conversation is connected on Twitter
  3. Add yourself to the participant map shown below here

Got stuck?

Try our Help section and if you are still having problems email helpdesk@alt.ac.uk

Add yourself to the participant map here

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