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What are badges?

As part of the conference we are experimenting with digital badges. Badges are an alternative form of credentialing popular in informal learning contexts, while some academic institutions have begun to use badges within courses/programmes as well.  Demonstration of specified learning outcomes are represented visually by a “badge:” a digital image displayed on a website. The use of badges is one manifestation of “gamification” in learning contexts. Some individuals are motivated to earn badges, and the accumulation of badges does make evident to other learners and to facilitators how engaged an individual is with the learning context.

While individuals or organizations may create and distribute their own digital images for their learners, proprietary and open source badging systems have begun to emerge as well. The Mozilla Foundation has established the Open Badges initiative which specifies a standard for digital badges allowing learners to earn digital badges from multiple organisations supporting the Open Badges specification. As part of this initiative Mozilla have developed a Backpack which lets learners collate Open Badges they have earned from different issuers in a single place.

Badges earned on this site can be added to your Mozilla Backpack, but this like the collection of badges is optional.

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How can I earn conference badges?

To earn badges you first need to be logged in to this site. Click on each of the badges below to find out more about how they are achieved. The badges available this year current are:


0 Open Badges

You can earn this badge if you are participating in the ALT Annual Conference 2015


0 Open Badges

To earn this badge you will need to have submitted a proposal that is accepted for the conference programme and delivered the session at the ALT Annual Conference 2015.

Programme Committee

0 Open Badges

To earn this badge the awardee has been actively involved in the organisation of the ALT Annual Conference 2015.

We plan to add more badges prior and during the conference.

For the conference we are using the BadgeOS™ plugin for WordPress, extended with the Open Badges Issuer Add-on developed by the Association for Learning Technology.

‘What are badges?’ text adapted from BlendKit Course: Badges shared by University of Central Florida (UCF) under CC-BY-NC-SA and reshared under the same licence