The future of learning technology is under threat! Can you help?

The super villain DarkBot (@botOfEvil) plans to take over the world through the promotion of poor quality learning technology. In order to stop his evil schemes, four robot champions are battling for the honour of meeting him in single combat.  

At this year’s conference, you have a mission. Make sure you collect a postcard at registration, which will assign you as a member of one of these robot champion teams (#redbot, #bluebot, #greenbot or #goldbot).

Along with other members of your team, you need to power up your robot: collect stickers by getting involved in various #altcgame events throughout the conference and add them to your giant robot displayed on the balcony area outside the main hall. The robot team with the most power by 9:30am on Thursday will win a marvellous prize, and the honour of challenging Darkbot himself.

#altcgame activities to look out for throughout the conference:

[  ] Complete the Exhibitor Loyalty Card (obtain from any exhibitor) and bring to the ALT stand
[  ] Get to a session early, or otherwise impress the Chair, and win a sticker
[  ] Collect stickers and add them to your robot champion, on the balcony
[  ] Watch out for Dark Bot and thwart his evil plans
Tuesday 8 September
[  ] Until 17:00 Complete your Participants’ Bingo card and bring to the ALT stand
[  ] 19:30 Palace Hotel   Conference dinner: table challenge
Wednesday 9 September
[  ] 10:35 Room 2.220 The #altc Adventure Trail
[  ] 14:00 Main theatre #altc Game / Games & Learning session
Thursday 10 September
[  ] 09:30 Deadline for robot teams to power up their champions
[  ] 11:35 Balcony    The winning team collect their prize

#altcgame is brought to you by the ALT Games and Learning SIG and demonstrates a variety of ways in which games and playful activities can support learning.

You can find out more about the

SIG at: http://gamesandlearningsig.ning.com/

ALT Games and Learning Special Interest Group Network

Badges to collect

Instructions on collecting these badges will be revealed during #altc