ALT2016 Presentation – EdShare & OER Discoverability #altc

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting at the Association for Learning Technology conference taking place at the University of Warwick.  This gave me the opportunity to share with the community latest information on my work with the open source OER repository platform ‘EdShare‘ as well as some of the key findings from my MSc… View Article

Being human #altc

One of the key messagesI took away form the Donna Lanclos and Dave White keynote at ALT-C this year was that we need to remember that there is no such thing as “the university” as we are “the university”. When someone says “the university” won’t let us  do something, what they are actually saying is … Continue reading Being human #altc → View Article

Chatting about CMALT #altc

One aspect of ALTC this year was my involvement in the CMALT sessions. Through a few conversations on Twitter in the weeks leading up to ALTC I’d been asked if I could cover one of Read More ... Related posts: Showcasing different approaches to building a #CMALT portfolio #ALTC Update: my CMALT portfolio #CMALT I’ve been certified! #CMALT View Article

Twitter for note taking #altc

Whilst I love sketchnoting my way through meeting and conferences, and have been doing some at ALTC this year, I’ve also been taking advantage of one of the features of Twitter. If you’ve not tried Read More ... Related posts: Learning Technologist of the Year #altc #LTaward Gearing up for #ALTC 2015 I’m going to … #altc View Article

Where it all started, the ZX81 #altc

Today’s keynote from the 2016 ALTC conference was from the great Ian Livingstone – he of the Livingstone and Jackson fighting fantasy books, of Games Workshop, Eidos, and many other gaming initiatives. One aspect of Ian’s keynote Read More ... Related posts: Games for Learning Infographic Gearing up for #ALTC 2016 Games in the Classroom … are you sure? View Article