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Time to #play at #altc

This year there will be #altc #play interactions throughout the conference – keep an eye on the twitter stream!  There will be a number of opportunities for you to takeaway playful ideas and resources for re-use in your own practice.

Let’s get to know each other better – to start #altc #play pick a sign below to show us who you are or to tell us what you are/aren’t going to do at ALTC this year (feel free to customise) – tweet your answer with #altc #play.  Nominate another delegate you know who’s going so they can tell us what they are going to get up to as well.  If you don’t know another delegate then nominate someone who you think should be listening to the #altc twitter stream this year.

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#altc #play is brought to you by the ALT Games and Learning SIG and demonstrates a variety of ways in which games and playful activities can support learning.

You can find out more about the SIG at:

ALT Games and Learning Special Interest Group Network