The ALT stand and ALT community sessions

Throughout the conference you’ll be able to meet ALT members, chat and swap news at the ALT stand, located in the conference exhibition hall. Along with a warm welcome you’ll find a knowledgeable member of the ALT community to answer any questions you may have about ALT membership or activities. If you’re new to the ALT conference and interested in ALT membership, or if you’ve newly joined ALT, please do come along to meet members of the community and learn more about what they do.

If you’re interested in Certified Membership of ALT (CMALT), ALT’s peer-assessed professional accreditation scheme, there will be some dedicated slots in breakout rooms SS 0.13 and SS 0.18 throughout the conference. Come along to learn more and to ask any questions you may have, about the scheme in general, or, if you are already registered, about your portfolio.

If you’re interested in publishing your research through Research in Learning Technology, ALT’s international, peer-reviewed open access journal, there will be a session running on Wednesday in room SS 0.18, with a particular emphasis on new and first-time authors.

The schedule below gives the full timetable for ALT stand activities and ALT community sessions, which are also listed in the programme.

When What Where
Morning 11.00-11.30 Welcome for first-time participants and new members Stand
Lunchtime 13.00-14.00 ALT members Stand
Afternoon 14.00-15.00 Find out about CMALT SS 0.13
16.15-16.45 Find out about ALT and ALT membership Stand
When What Where
Morning 9.00-9.30 Welcome for first-time participants and new members Stand
Lunchtime 12.15-13.15 Getting published with ALT SS 0.18
13.15-14.15 ALT members Stand
Afternoon 14.15-15.30 Find out about CMALT SS 0.18
Evening 18.15-18.45 ALT members Stand
When What Where
Morning 10.15-11.00 Find out about ALT and ALT membership Stand
Lunchtime 12.30-13.30 ALT members Stand
Afternoon 13.30-15.00 Find out about CMALT SS 0.18
15.00-15.15 ALT members Stand