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The 24th Annual Conference of the Association for Learning Technology, took place 5 – 7 September 2017, University of Liverpool, UK,  bringing together practitioners, researchers and policy makers from across sectors. Together we charted the development of Learning Technology from isolated islands of ‘innovation’ to becoming the new norm – and the challenges this entails for staff and learners alike. We explored how we move from individual innovation to institutional integration at scale.

Conference themes:

  • Empowerment in Learning Technology: supporting students through staff/student partnerships, students as influencers, developing skills and supporting staff at all levels
  • Learning Spaces: impact of Learning Technology on the physical and the virtual, strategies for enabling innovation, effectively managing change
  • Moving from the practical to the ‘publishable’: reporting from the forefront of innovation and research, policy and strategy fit (or not) for what’s ahead, sharing practice and scaling up Learning Technology through large scale institutional projects
  • At the forefront of innovation: ethical implications of ‘data’ for learning and teaching, making use of data in assessment, the hype around AI, machine learning and learning analytics and what’s beyond
  • Wildcard: you were free to contribute any aspect of your research, practice or policy work.

Download the conference flyer.

Watch the videos of the keynotes and selected sessions.