Picture by Chris Bull www.chrisbullphotographer.com 8/9/16
Picture by Chris Bull www.chrisbullphotographer.com ALT Conference 2016 day three.

Bonnie Stewart announced as third keynote speaker

Bonnie StewardWe are delighted to announce Bonnie Stewart as our third keynote speaker.

Bonnie Stewart is an educator and social media researcher fascinated by who we are when we’re online. An instructor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada, and Founder/Director of the media literacy initiative Antigonish 2.0, Bonnie explores the intersections of knowledge, technology, and identity in her work.

Bonnie speaks and consults about digital strategy, digital pedagogy, and community capacity-building around the world. She has done extensive research into academic Twitter and the implications of networks and social media for institutions, and her work aims to enact the open, participatory and collaborative ethos that she examines. She is currently lead researcher and writer of a 10-year Cultural Strategy for the province of Prince Edward Island. Bonnie is widely published in peer-reviewed journals as well as in public and media venues.

Awarded a 2016 Hessian Merit Award for Excellence in Teaching at UPEI, Bonnie has been a teacher and facilitator for more than 20 years. Adult education and professional learning as well as digital and online education are longstanding areas of focus in her teaching, and she enjoys few things more than a lively discussion. Bonnie’s ideas and portfolio can be found at http://bonstewart.com. She does her best thinking out loud on Twitter at @bonstewart.

Bonnie’s virtual keynote promises to be a lively and engaging talk. To hear Bonnie speak, register now for the Annual Conference.