Looking over a city
Looking over a city by Alex Spiers (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Guest post from @elearninglpool: Come Together #altc


The kind folk of ALT have asked us at the eLearning Unit, Centre for Innovation in Education, to write a blog post about why you should come to the University of Liverpool for this year’s conference. In reality, that is all we should need to say and you will be speaking to your line manager for funds, hitting booking.com for best accommodation (or stay on campus) and then finding out a little more about Liverpool. Because everyone knows about Liverpool, right? Even if you’ve never actually been here, you know something about it. Carl Jung famously dreamt about a visit and described Liverpool as being the Pool of Life, an excellent description of our port city. Liverpool is a diverse melting pot of people and ways of life. We live in a small city with a big attitude and even bigger heart. It is a city rich in history, architecture, art, music, politics. It has been, and remains, a capital of culture, as well as a seat of learning with its three universities. This original ‘red brick’ institution provides many opportunities for learning advancement.

A spirited, creative and ambitious civic university, Liverpool is the ideal location for a conference like ALT, which also brings together a diverse range of academics, researchers, technicians and learning technologists as a community. An open, collaborative community that is ready to share their work, thoughts and ideas with their peers from across the country and beyond. The learning technologist’s approach sometimes echoes that of the city – forever looking outward, across a (digital) ocean towards undiscovered countries. But also, linking to the theme of the conference, connecting islands of innovation and assimilating them into a new normal. The teaching and technology community at Liverpool are excited. We are gearing up to share the work we’ve done on unique teaching spaces, electronic submission and collaborative learning to name just a few. But we are also keen to listen. To hear about the work you have undertaken and the innovations you are exploring.  Eyes, ears and minds are wide open.

The ALT organisation, like Liverpool itself, values its own independence and recognises itself as being distinct and accessible to all. It’s a cliché, but when you arrive in the city you are immediately made welcome. Whether it’s chatting philosophically about the world problems with your taxi driver or just passing the time of day with your neighbour on the train. The people make this city. The people make the ALT conference. So see you in September, ok? Oh, I forgot to mention football and the Beatles….but you already knew about them didn’t you?

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