• Hi all!
    Hopefully, you are reading this in preparation for attending the above session on the use of online tools for collaborative/group work, particularly when formally assessing on an individual basis. To get the most from this session, you might want to install Trello on your mobile/tablet (there should be iOS and Android versions available), or getting an account on for your laptop web browser. Once you have done this, you can join an existing team page:
    by following this link, once you have an account (and the optional app set up), which is an auto invite: where the 0s are zeros, not letter Os
    You should also get an account on then get access to the demo repository at Join this repo by emailing me at (Sadly, there is no simple invite system for github.)
    We will also be looking at this example of a student repository at:
    YOu might want to install a github compatible app. On iOS CodeHub is good, there are several good Android Apps, and there is a sister app Code Bucket for bitBucket
    Finally, we will be using a sample Google Doc at:
    There are native Google Docs apps for most mobiles and tablets, with varying functionality.

    • The software would not let me post URLs, so please insert the colon and double slash after the https in web addresses.