25th Anniversary Playing Cards

Introducing the ALT 25th Anniversary Cards

25th anniversary playing cards

This year participants will be presented with a complimentary set of playing cards at conference registration, featuring famous learning technology-related events, people, culture and tech.

Many of them have featured over the 25 years that ALT has been serving the education sector, making a fitting gift for our 25th birthday.

How to use the cards

The cards are a standard playing card set, so you can of course use them for any card games you like. However, we have also designed them to be used for two special games, that we invite you to play during the conference with new and old friends.

Tweet pictures and results of your games to the conference hashtag #altc.

Game 1: A Learning-tech Timeline

This game is based on the popular Timeline games, where you test your knowledge of historical events.

Play in groups of 2-10.

  1. Shuffle the cards and place them at the side of the table. Turn the top card over and place it in the middle of the table.
  2. The first player takes a card from the deck and then has to decide whether it began (was invented, was born, or happened) before or after the first card. They place it before or after the card in the centre, depending on their choice.
  3. The other players decide if they are right or not (you can Google, or consult our official list of dates, if you aren’t sure). If the card has been placed correctly, it begins to form a timeline. If it has been placed incorrectly, the player loses a life and keeps the card face-down in front of them to signify a life lost.
  4. The next player then picks a card, and decides where it began: before the first card, between the two cards, or after the second card. Again, the other players check, and play continues in this way.
  5. The game continues. If any player loses three lives (has three face-down cards in front of them) they are out.
  6. The player left in when all other players are out, or who has the least lives lost when all the cards run out, wins.

Game 2: Most… Influential?

Play in groups of 3-10.

  1. Each round, deal out one card to each player.
  2. Everyone then has to make a pitch for why the item on their card is the most influential.
  3. The group agree a winner based on the best argument, and the winner puts their card in the centre of the table. The losing cards are all discarded.
  4. The winner now sits out of the next round, but gets to choose a new category (eg. ‘could do the most damage’, ‘best birthday present for a small child’, ‘least erotic’ etc.). They will also decide who gives the most persuasive answer.
  5. Play a new round from 1 but using the new category to argue for. The previous winner decides on the most persuasive answer, and then rejoins the group from the next turn.
  6. When there are not enough cards to begin a new round, the game is over. The cards in the middle now form the most influential inventions/inventors in the world!

Card Designs

The ALT 25th Anniversary Cards were created and designed by Alex Moseley and Nicola Whitton of the Playful Learning SIG. If you are interested in the use of play and games for learning, the SIG is free to join for all ALT members: https://altc.alt.ac.uk/plsig/

You can find out more about the PLSIG on Tuesday at ALTC: https://altc.alt.ac.uk/2018/sessions/meeting-of-the-alt-playful-learning-special-interest-group/