Each year we seek to improve how participants can engage with the conference and actively participate in the conversation it generates. As one of the sponsors of this year’s conference and advocates of open communication and engagement, Meetoo have brought their popular ‘bingo’ activity to the event, with an #altc twist.

#altcBingo card

Here is what it is all about:

Every sector has its buzzwords and the world of Higher Education is no different, but we want to know which Education specific phrases or terms should be sent to ‘Room 101’ and which you want to see more readily adopted.

Speaking about the thought process behind the bingo activity Meetoo said, “In a professional environment people often feel they can’t or shouldn’t voice opinion about the language used in their profession or industry and therefore can sometimes feel disconnected from it. By discussing this language through a fun activity and sharing opinions this encourages others to open up and find common ground. In highlighting negative associations and suggesting more positive terms in a group, people can reconnect and redefine their attitude towards not only the language used in their work environment but how they feel about their work as a whole.”

To join in, pick up a bingo card in Lecture Threatre B or download a copy and share your negative AND positive buzzwords using #altcBingo.