#altc – Meet our Sponsors


A warm welcome and thank you the Annual Conference 2018 sponsors:

Catalyst – Headline Sponsor

Catalyst are a global team of learning technology specialists. We unleash the power of Open Source solutions such as Moodle LMS to deliver enterprise grade systems for university, public and not-for-profit customers. Catalyst empower our clients with the freedom to innovate.

Website: https://www.catalyst-eu.net/

Twitter: @Catalyst_IT_EU


Blackboard is the world’s leading education technology company, bringing millions of people around the world closer to the knowledge they seek and the potential they can achieve.

Website: www.blackboard.com

Twitter: @BlackboardEMEA


Vevox is the award winning live polling and Q&A app designed to increase student engagement and knowledge retention through interaction.

Website: http://vevox.com/

Twitter: @VevoxApp

Ajenta – Vscene

Based in the UK, Ajenta create simple, cost effective communication tools, specialising in building e-learning and virtual classroom technology, telehealth and telemedicine platforms as well as corporate video conferencing platforms.

Website: vscene.net

Twitter: @AjentaNews