#altc – Welcome from our Co-Chairs



A very special welcome #altc

Welcome and thank you for being a part of the 25th Annual Conference of the Association for Learning Technology. This is the largest event that we as a Membership body organise each year. It brings together both new and familiar faces, participants from all parts of the UK and internationally to share practice, research and policy in Learning Technology.

Over 100 Members of ALT have worked together to make this year’s conference a reality, and over half of the conference participants are actively contributing to the sessions in our peer-reviewed programme. Together we hope to create an inspiring, enjoyable and thought-provoking event here in Manchester and online.

As Conference Co-Chairs we are very excited about our keynote speakers this year – renowned American scholar Dr Tressie McMillan Cottom, influential UK based ALT practitioner Amber Thomas, and of course, our very own Maren Deepwell. As well participating with the excellent presentations and keynotes, we also hope you will join in with the additional ways we are celebrating ALT’s anniversary.

Our community is one that continues to grow in membership numbers and in influence. #altc actively invites diversity of thought, critical reflection and new theoretical perspectives as well as practical know-how and case studies to shape our dialogue about current and future practice.

ALT now has a body of Open Access research that stretches back over 25 years that includes policy development and publications covering all aspects of using technology for learning, teaching and assessment across sectors. Our annual conference is at the heart of our community. Each year it makes a significant contribution to moving the work of ALT forwards, as well inspiring what we all do throughout the year as individuals and in our organisations.

As Trustees of ALT we are proud that our work in the governance and strategic direction of the organisation contributes to making this conference an international stage for increasing the impact of Learning Technology, representing our Members and enhancing the professional recognition for the work we, and all our members, do.

We hope you find the conference engaging, interesting, enjoyable and worthwhile. Thank you for joining us in this special year.


Sheila MacNeill and Martin Weller

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of ALT