Conference Committee activities

Committee activities

ALT’s Annual Conference is organised by a Committee of volunteers. Find out who’s involved.

Peer Review

A key focus of the Conference Committee is to conduct the peer review of all proposals submitted to the conference once the Call for Proposals has been closed. Guidance for Reviewers is available here and we also provide support at committee meetings.

Guest posts

Committee Members are invited to write guest posts for publication on the conference platform, sharing their perspective on the event, looking back at past years or sharing advice and guidance for new authors and participants. Please send your post to .

Promoting the conference

Help us spread the word about the conference and upcoming deadlines, keynote speakers and the social programme. Use #altc on social media, use the conference flyer (let us know if you’d like print copies) and link to .

Plan local activities

If you are based in or near Edinburgh, we are looking for you to share your ideas and tips to help us plan a truly inclusive, enjoyable and varied social programme around the conference. We are looking for ideas for great places to meet up, where to stay, eat or what to discover that’s of interest to Learning Technologists. Share your ideas #altc, email them or come along to the virtual meetings.

Chairing sessions

Conference Committee Members volunteer to chair all sessions during the event. We’ll be publishing details of how to volunteer together with guidance in due course.

Committee Meetings

All meetings take place online via Blackboard Collaborate. The meeting room for the Committee is always open and available. Here is the Link to join the meeting. 

    • Meeting 1: Academic programme
      12.30 (UK local time), 26 March 2019
      Chair: Louise, Keith
      Link to join the meeting
      This meeting will focus on the academic programme, the process of reviewing proposals and providing feedback to authors. Committee Members will review interactive workshop proposals, research papers (with route to journal publication), proposals from first time authors, proposals from FE/Vocational/Adult Education and proposals for short presentations/lightning talks/posters.
    • Meeting 2: Partnerships, community outreach and sponsorship
      12.30 (UK local time), 25 April 2019
      Chair: Louise, Keith
      Link to join the meeting
      This time we’ll be discussing reaching out across sectors to build partnerships, find strategic sponsors and involve the community in Edinburghand beyond in the event.
      EXTRA: Drop-in session for peer-review support Following the meeting (from 1pm BST) we will be running a support session for peer-review. Everyone welcome.
    • Meeting 3: Registration and promotion
      12.30 (UK local time),  20 May 2019
      Chair: Louise, Melissa
      Link to join the meeting
      The Committee will share ideas to promote the conference as registration opens, discuss how to best promote it via different networks and how to reach out across sectors.
    • Meeting 4: Programme and social activities
      12.30 (UK local time),  20 June 2019
      Chair: Melissa, Keith
      Link to join the meeting
      This time we will be focused on the programme and social activities for the conference, run up and preparation as well as activities for Committee Members.
    • Meeting 5: Session chair sign up and social activities
      11/07/18 12:30 (UK local time), 16 July 2019
      Chair: Louise, Melissa
      Link to join the meeting
      This meeting is all about the delivery of the event, including chairing sessions and making the conference programme as interactive and enjoyable as possible
    • Next: Meeting 6: Final preparations for the conference
      12.30 (UK local time),  12 August 2019
      Chair: Melissa, Keith
      Link to join the meeting
      The Committee will come together for the last time and make final preparations for the conference.