Media partners

We want to reach out into the community, share information about the conference and help everyone involved increase the impact of the work they share #altc. We are grateful to the support from all our partners who help us spread the word, prompt debate and increase involvement.

Work with us? If you would like to become a media partner for the conference, please contact Maren Deepwell,



The #LTHEchat is a weekly one hour tweetchat on Twitter that is open to all. It has a focus on discussions and debates around learning, teaching, assessment and supporting learning within higher education and it takes place on Wednesdays at 8pm (UK time) when Twitter will be on fire.

The chat has become an informal, open and regular professional development happening and a community for many many individuals working and studying in the UK but also further afield who join the chat regularly. Each week we welcome guests who stimulate a discussion around their chosen topic that is dear to their heart using a series of questions or prompts.

The #LTHEchat started in 2014 and thrives thanks to the community approach used to organise and manage the chats as well as the diverse voices and perspectives that are heard. The rotating organising teams are  volunteers from the #LTHEchat community, staff and students, who have the opportunity to be the steering wheel of the chats for about 10-12 weeks at the time and experience how it all works behind the scenes. The #LTHEchat collaborates with the Higher Education Academy, the RAISE network and other organisations, including ALT.

If you would like to host a discussion or debate via #LTHEchat or would like to volunteer to join a future organising team, or are an organisation interested in collaborating with us, please get in touch.

For more information visit, follow @LTHEchat and search for #LTHEchat.

Radio Edutalk

Radio Edutalk is an Internet Radio Station run by David Noble & John Johnston. It consists of live broadcasts and archived content as a podcast. More info: Guests ‘appear’ over Skype and generally find it an enjoyable experience. The shows go out on Tuesday & Wednesday at 8pm, we normally give a brief intro, ask our guests to introduce themselves, then talk about a topic. We ask questions and sometimes pass on questions from the live audience via email or twitter.The audio is then published as a podcast under a Creative Commons license.

Radio Edutalk is a free education and professional learning resource. There are no production costs, no charge to listeners, and no payments made to guests. Anyone can also contribute short pieces of audio to Edutalk by posting audio to audioboom and tagging their post edutalk or by mailing audio to

The Edtech Podcast

The mission statement of The Edtech Podcast is to improve the dialogue between ‘ed’ and ‘tech’ through storytelling, for better innovation and impact. Our audience consists of education leaders from around the world, plus start ups, learning and development specialists, bluechips, investors, Government and media. The Edtech Podcast is downloaded 2000+ each week from 145 countries in total, with UK, US & Australia the top 3 downloading countries.

Podcast series have included Future Tech for EducationEducation 4.0, and The VocTech Podcast, Learning Continued. Topics covered in the interview format style show include education and artificial intelligence, games-based learning, assessment without tests and scaling learning to those who cannot access traditional “bricks and mortar” teaching and learning.To subscribe, search “The Edtech Podcast” on iTunes, Spotify or Google Podcasts.