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[Guest Post] Discovering the ‘Data Dialogue and Doing’ By Louise Jones @scotlandlouise


The countdown is on! The summer is nearly upon us and conference preparation is in full swing. The planning team here behind the scenes of the 2019 ALT Conference are especially proud of our annual conference graphic. Have you had a wee look at it? Have another closer look! It’s teeming with Scottish culture and embodies the essentially of the 2019 conference.

I’m delighted to provide a little more colour on the process which helped cultivate our conference graphic. Earlier this year, the conference team met online to share their ideas through a process playfully known as Conversation Thinkery. Facilitated by the one and only Bryan Mathers we chatted through what the conference themes meant to each of us.

Conversation thinkery is a process of capturing thoughts or ideas visually, perfect for a team to collaborate on creating a collective vision. The process is free flowing, there are no wrong turns and plenty of rabbit holes to safely fall down.

The conference strapline ‘Data, Dialogue and Doing’ was actually elicited from a conversation on the theme of Student data and learning analytics, which went along the lines of, ‘ask big questions, it’s ok to collate data as long as you follow it with dialogue’. To which was instantly added, ‘well then if you have the dialogue you have to make sure you act on the outcomes, do it, or doing! Hence the strapline was born and formed the basis of one of the suggested graphics produced by Bryan.

Bryan Mathers You asked me to help you capture ideas regarding the visual aesthetic of ALT’s 2019 conference. There were lots of great thoughts that came out of our conversation! Here is some extrapolated thinkery to throw into the conference melting pot”

If you look again at the final conference graphic selected by the team we hope you will see the detail, in Bryan’s own words ‘a modern/ancient learn-ed celtic mashup’.

If you (like me) are excited about visual aesthetics and the process of visual creativity please check out Bryan’s Visual Thinkery and awesome Remixer Tool.

I can’t wait to see how the conference themes inspire the ‘dialogue’ and especially the ‘doing’ – and of course looking forward to seeing you all at the conference itself.

Louise Jones
ALT Conference Co-Chair
UK Regional Manager (Scotland)
Google for Education

Acknowledgements, with thanks to Bryan Mathers
Founder, Visual Thinkery
@bryanmmathers @visualthinkery

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