Guest Post: Conference Artwork Winners Announced! by Matt Lingard


Matt Lingard is the Digital Learning Director at London College of Communication (UAL) and the Co-Chair of Annual ALT Conference 2021

I’m pleased to announce that the artwork for this year’s conference has been selected, following a student competition at London College of Communication.

For the second year running, the competition was part of an industry project brief for second year BA Illustration and Visual Media students. The standard of the students’ work was exceptional again, making the decision really tough for the judging panel of Maren Deepwell, Emma-Jane Brazier, Christina Vines and me. As the standard was so high, we decided to recognise four winning entries and samples of their work are included in the banner image for this blog post.

The winners

‘Gloria Corra’

The overall winner is Gloria Corra. Gloria’s artwork will soon be used on the conference website, social media and in other published material. You’ll need to wait to see the final images but there is a teaser below. Gloria said:

“I am grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in this project. This experience has allowed me to look at the world of technology with a new set of eyes. The feeling of being part of this great community made me work on my projects with a lot of enthusiasm and motivation”

Gloria also won £250 and two free tickets to the conference. For more of Gloria’s work see @glooria_illustrations on Instagram & Gloria’s website.

A cropped teaser of Gloria’s winning entry

The panel chose Vanya Dancheva as the runner-up this year and I’m delighted to report that ALT will be using Vanya‘s work as the imagery for the ALT Winter Online Conference 2021.

In addition two individual images from Shedae Barfungpa and Harsita Pantpratinidhi were highly commended by the judges and will appear on social media for the conference.

The process

The ALT Conference Artwork was a project brief as part of the coursework for BA Illustration and Visual Media students at London College of Communication. As teaching was fully online last term, the ALT team and I attended 3 online sessions with the students.

In early March we briefed the students on what we were looking for – you can read ALT’s Project Brief and answered their questions. Two weeks later we attended ‘work in progress’ presentations from the students to give some initial feedback. We were given access to their notes and early images on Padlet and it has be great to understand what goes into the process rather just seeing the final product.

In the last session the students made their final pitches to us as the client. For many of the students this was the first time they had done a client pitch. Ellen Hanceri, a Senior Lecturer on the course and the College Academic Coordinator for Enterprise and Employability said:

“By repeating this opportunity with a new cohort of Year 2 students, we are nurturing the relationship we have built with ALT. Understanding the mission of the external organisation and providing a useful experience to our students, who can feel that their skills and talents are used for the greater good, are part of a successful Knowledge Exchange partnership. I hope we can continue to work together and consider new ways to promote the values of ALT and future learning technologies, utilising the perspective of our student body, post pandemic.”

It’s great to involve students in the ALT Conference and I really look forward to seeing the final images on this website.

Banner image credit: selected images from Gloria Corra, Vanya Dancheva, Shedae Barfungpa and Harsita Pantpratinidhi”