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Meet our Partners, Sponsors and Exhibitors

Our Sponsors

Inspera, our Headline Sponsor

Inspera is an innovative educational technology company that provides a comprehensive digital assessment platform that is cloud-based, secure, and scalable, making it easy to deliver and manage assessments anytime, anywhere.

With a global customer base spanning Europe, Asia, and North America, Inspera is leading the way in digital assessment and learning, helping to shape the future of education.

As your digital assessment partner we help shape your digital assessment strategy to balance flexibility and integrity with an outstanding student experience. We work directly with educators to ensure that your institution is optimised for digital assessment.

Our Exhibitors


UNIwise supports educational institutions to take advantage of the power of digital assessment. WISEflow, our digital assessment platform, manages the complete assessment and feedback lifecycle across a wide range of assessment types and formats. It helps universities to streamline the assessment process, ensure consistency, improve feedback and raise student satisfaction. UNIwise employees are specialists from within higher education, and our expertise is now trusted by more than 100 institutions across Europe to improve their students’ learning and transform education.

More to be announced!

Our Partners

Vevox, our Audience Engagement Partner

Vevox is the #1 rated polling and Q&A platform for student engagement. With 1500+ reviews across G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot, Vevox helps educators gain instant student feedback, test knowledge, increase participation and above all, give every student an equal voice. Trusted on an institution-wide level by 51 UK & Irish Universities and winner of the 2018 Bett Award for higher education, Vevox is the highest independently rated SRS system on the market. Easily integrated with your classroom tech, including Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, major LMS’s and other technologies, Vevox offers a complete solution to running unmissable online, in-person and hybrid classes.