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Conference programme

Join 350 leaders, researchers, practitioners and innovators to:

  • Share and evaluate the latest Learning Technology research
  • Explore best practices in digital education and training
  • Network and connect with your community
  • Collaborate and share new strategies and methods 
  • Find practical resources and inspiration for the year ahead 

Our programme of social events, including a special celebration of 30 years of ALT, offers plenty of opportunities for informal networking and connecting via activities across campus.

This year we’re celebrating our 30th birthday with the theme ‘Looking through the digital lens: 30 years of Leading People, Digital and Culture’. Presentations will therefore fall across the following themes:

  • Leading People in a time of complexity: How have individuals and teams driven change to solve complex and difficult problems? How have individuals and teams been rewarded and recognised in their institutions for being experts and leaders in digital learning?
  • Diversity and Inclusion: How are the most precarious and disadvantaged people being supported and empowered through technology? What future exclusions must we fight?
  • Sustainability and Social Justice: How green is your educational technology? How will we model green and sustainable practices in the field of educational technology and what does it mean for institutions? How do you make decisions about tech that proactively care for the most vulnerable people among us? How should we model practices that account more for the health and well-being of people than that of businesses trying to sell technology to the education sector?
  • Emerging technologies and behaviours: How are emerging technologies, or new uses for existing technologies changing behaviours and practices? What do emerging technologies mean for learning, teaching and assessment? How do we prepare students and staff to critically face the hype cycles around tools such as Machine Learning, and teach them to sift through what companies are claiming, to find the truth?
  • Wildcard submissions: submissions that address the wider conference theme, covering practice, research or policy in Learning Technology.