Guidance for Presenters


You can view the guidance for presenters on this page or download the full document here.


OER22 will be a hybrid event. We are planning to hold the conference in the following format:

Day 1 26 April 2022 In person in London, UK, with some sessions recorded for online participants
Day 2 27 April 2022 Online programme, with recorded and community sessions
Day 3 28 April 2022 Online programme, with live and community sessions

Depending on what you have chosen when you made your submission, your session will be scheduled on the appropriate date.


Scholarship support

The conference will be a paid for event and authors, regardless of membership status can register at the member discounted rate or apply for free scholarship places.

Speaker pre-conference checklist

  • Register: If you haven’t already registered for the conference, please register as a speaker.
  • Check the Conference Programme for session timings
  • Look out for an invite emailed to you which contains information about your session and the link for speakers to join
  • Attend a Speaker Orientation Sessions in Streamyard and Discord
  • Promote your session to the community and encourage colleagues to register to participate, you can use the hashtag #oer22.


Guidance for in person sessions

The venue for in person sessions consists of the conference hall and two seminar rooms. In each room, you will find the following:

  • A laptop in each room,
  • A projector and screen (two in the conference hall),
  • VGA and HDMI connections,
  • Handheld microphones (conference hall only).

You are welcome to bring your slides on an external USB storage device and use the laptop in the room or use your own laptop plugged in via the VGA or HDMI connections. For laptops without those connections, please ensure you bring any adapters that you  need with you.

Resource for London is a not-for-profit venue situated in a beautiful converted former department store in north London. All proceeds are used to benefit the voluntary sector in London, with a particular focus on organisations helping to alleviate poverty. As a registered charity owned by Trust for London, any profits made by Resource for London are used to tackle poverty and inequality in London. Resource for London is fully DDA compliant and accessible. If you have any specific questions, please do contact us.


COVID-19 measures for staying safe at OER22

OER22 is our first in-person conference in over two years and we are so excited to see you all again. However, we understand the anxiety associated with travelling and meeting in person at this time. With participation from many different countries, we want to make all of our delegates feel as safe as possible. Find out about the measures we have put in place.


Guidance for live online sessions

Most live online sessions are research and practice or discussion sessions that are 30 minutes long. These sessions will be run on StreamYard and broadcasted to YouTube Live. Even if you have used this web conferencing platform before, please take a chance to familiarise yourself with any new updates prior to delivering your session, as well as checking how the platform functions on your current setup and internet connection.

We are using Streamyard for all live sessions and you will be asked to share your screen. You will not need to upload your presentation. 


Speaker Orientation Sessions

We run multiple orientation sessions for speakers and we look forward to helping you test your setup and presentation. Ahead of the test session, please have a read of these joining instructions. We can only help 10 speakers at the same time, so if you click to join a session which is full, please wait a few minutes and try again.

Click on the links below to join a session.

Wednesday 20th April at 10am GMT+1

Thursday 21st April at 12pm GMT+1

Friday 22nd April at 4pm GMT+1

Here are some useful links to help you get set up:


Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera all work with StreamYard. Unfortunately, other browsers, like Safari, do not support our technology yet. We recommend Chrome for the best experience.


Accessing your live broadcast session

To join your session, click on the custom StreamYard link that has been sent to you as part of the speaker email invite.

Once you have joined your StreamYard broadcast, the host will be informed that you’ve arrived. You will remain “backstage” until the host adds you in. The page will update to let you know when you’ve been added. Then everyone will be able to see and hear you.

If you need to communicate with any other presenters or the Session host, please use the StreamYard chat window. This space will be completely private to those that are in the StreamYard session only.

All Q&A from conference attendees will be sent through the YouTube Live stream.

The host and session chair will arrive 15 min before the session begins to be available for live help and presenters can log in before then to test things out, upload relevant videos, prep screen-share, etc.


Alternative Format Sessions

Are delivered as outlined above and will be grouped together. If you prefer, you can also present your alt-format session as a 7 minute pre-recorded video (see below for guidance on pre-recording your session).


Open Spaces

Open Spaces can use either the standard chat in YouTube or request a dedicated Discord channel to expand the conversation. This channel can be available throughout the conference.


Online conference workshops will take place in Blackboard Collaborate.  These sessions are still accessed directly from the programme (log in required).  Simply click on your session and you will be redirected.  A member of the ALT staff team will be there up to 15 minutes prior to the start to assist you.

To find out more about how to use Blackboard Collaborate please visit the Blackboard help page.


Guidance for pre-recorded online sessions

All pre-recorded sessions will be played and scheduled within the conference programme. Sessions will automatically play on the conference site, but will also be accessible from the OER22 YouTube playlist. Because sessions are pre-recorded, after the event schedule completes each day, sessions will continue to play on a loop so participants in different time zones can attend.

Uploading your pre-recorded online session

Once you have recorded your video, please send it to so that it can be uploaded to the platform in good time. If your recording is too large to be sent by email, upload it to a file sharing platform and provide us with a link to download it.

Please send your recordings to by Friday 15th April 2022.

Leading up to the session

Speakers are encouraged to speak in present/future tense when referring to their sessions. For example, you may want to tweet, “I’m so excited to chat about X during the #OER22 conference tomorrow!”

Engaging with attendees

Speakers of pre-recorded sessions are asked to please be available for questions during the slot that your session is scheduled to play. Questions for these sessions will be coming from Discord.


Useful information for all Speakers


We are committed to ensuring that our events are accessible to all delegates and expect a diverse audience.

All sessions will have automatic live captioning. Please keep in mind that the captions can cover text that is placed at the bottom of a presentation so we advise placing any text you wish to be displayed higher up on your presentation slides.

As a speaker you should consider how to make your contribution as accessible as possible. If you are not sure how to start, have a look at these tips and resources:

Before the session

  • Prepare to share materials online so that participants can access them and make any adjustments required
  • When preparing materials use clear screen optimised fonts such as Arial
  • Reduce the use of coloured background such as red and where possible use black text
  • Try and incorporate different presentation styles into your presentation e.g. diagrams for and verbal explanations

Participants to your session have been advised in our netiquette that “permission is understood to be granted to share photos or screenshots of slides unless the presenter explicitly states/indicates that content should not be shared”. As attendees may arrive during your presentation we recommend that any content that should not be photographed is clearly marked.

During a session

  • Speak clearly
  • Describe pertinent visuals
  • Explain acronyms
  • Give the audience time to digest the information

After a session

  • If appropriate share contact details so that delegates can get in touch if they have questions / need clarification
  • If not already provided, provide delegates with copies of the materials covered via the dedicated Discord channel.

Session Recordings

Recordings from sessions will only be available to registered delegates during the event, and published openly after the event. This is part of our commitment to the Open COVID for Education Pledge.  Please notify us if you would like your session recording to be removed for any reason.

Increasing impact and widening dissemination

Resources and recordings from the event will be made available openly to all post-conference.  If you are seeking to increase the impact of your work or looking to disseminate research beyond the conference, we encourage you to make a submission to the Research in Learning Technology journal. The journal is a Gold Open Access journal and we do not levy any charges to ensure researchers can disseminate new work in learning technology as widely as possible.


Code of Conduct and netiquette

ALT events are dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone. We do not tolerate harassment in any form and we ask you to be courteous and considerate to your fellow users. We appreciate you may not agree with the ideas or views expressed by others and whilst we encourage debate we remind you that these discussions should remain civilised. Users violating any of these rules will be removed.

Equality and diversity are at the very heart of the values of ALT which inform all aspects of our activities and services, especially our events. We aim to be open, transparent, inclusive, democratic, fair and free from discrimination in order to best meet the needs of all our members, ALT staff and the wider community. We are committed to promoting and developing equality of opportunity in all its functions and will seek to do this by:

  • communicating our commitment to equality and diversity to all members of the ALT community;
  • communicating where responsibility lies for equality issues i.e. with the Trustees;
  • providing appropriate training and briefings for Trustees and staff;
  • actively promoting equality and diversity;
  • challenging discrimination based on age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, and pregnancy and maternity;
  • ensuring that legislation and policy requirements are implemented into all our working practices.

Netiquette – a guide for social media sharing

We welcome social media use at ALT events, including live tweeting. If sharing photos/screenshots the following conditions apply:

  1. Permission is understood to be granted to share photos or screenshots of slides unless the presenter explicitly states/indicates that content should not be shared.
  2. Do not capture or share photos or screenshots that contain personal information. Examples include, but are not limited to, screenshots that contain personally identifiable information such as names, email addresses or chat logs.

Our netiquette has been adapted from the American Geophysical Union’s Meetings Guidelines on Photography and Social Media and reused with permission. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.