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Getting Started

The 2022 Open Education Conference is a hybrid event and day 2 and 3 of the conference will be delivered online using an interactive programme and a social space.

We are incorporating different tools to enable us to offer different levels of engagement depending on what you have the headspace for, and this also gives us a little protection in the event that one tool decides to stop working.

Finally, we don’t expect you to be a tech wiz in order to be able to participate. That’s what we’re here for! Please check back for more information on how to navigate your way around the Conference as we approach the event and explore the pages listed in the ‘Help and More Info’ drop down menu.


CC-BY Bryan Mathers for GO-GN

Interactive programme

The interactive programme is the home base! In short, it’s where you’ll be able to see all conference activity in a single space. The conference will have a few presentations happening at once, so if you ever want to hop between presentations, jump into a live Q&A with speakers, check the schedule, etc. this is the place to start.

All live sessions will broadcast sessions to YouTube Live and attendees can ask questions to speakers right in the YouTube Chat! Participants can type in the chat directly in the interactive programme or from YouTube (if this is your first time using YouTube chat you will be asked to sign in. Live chat help is available here).

All online Conference sessions and their related chat conversations will be automatically recorded and saved as an archive. This also allows sessions to quickly be available to folks in different time zones that maybe weren’t able to catch an earlier session.

For more information on how to log in to and use the interactive programme, click on the link below:

Our social space: Discord

Use Discord for all conversations before, after, and in-between sessions! Q&A for the video poster sessions will also happen here as well. All registered participants will receive an invitation link to join the discord space in their joining instructions

Ways to use Discord:

  • Introduce yourself to others
  • Share helpful resources
  • Directly message other participants
  • Jump into Hangout Channels for hallway chats
  • Connect with ALT Staff Team for Help

New to Discord? Help is at hand:

How can we help?

We are here to help, please email us directly at