Guidance for Presenters

This is guidance for presenters. Please have a look at the information provided for your session at the ALT Online Winter Conference. Please note these instructions have only been sent to lead presenters. If you are co-presenting please forward this email to them or direct them to

Before the conference

In advance of your session at the ALT Online Winter Conference 9-10 December please see the guidance for presenters below.

Presenters’ pre-conference checklist:

  • Cancellations: If are no longer able to give your presentation please contact

Submitting your Session Artifact

As part of the conference call you were asked to prepare a ‘session artifact’ such as a video, website or other content. To have your artifact included on the conference site please email it to with “Winter conference artifact for YOUR NAME” in the subject line. Wherever possible please send us a link to the relevant site/content rather than the actual files.

Deadline: 12 noon, 4th December.

In advance of webinars

Sessions will be run via Blackboard Collaborate, if this will be your fist time using the platform please see the guidance at  to help you prepare.

We are holding open office hours where you can test Blackboard Collaborate and ask the ALT Team any questions you have about the webinars and/or the conference. Office hours are currently scheduled for:

  • Tuesday 1st Dec at 2-3pm;
  • Monday 7th Dec  at 2-3pm; and
  • Tuesday 8th Dec at 1-2pm

To join office hours visit

Office hours are optional and you can test Blackboard Collaborate anytime by joining a ‘sandbox’ session and try out the platform. To join the sandbox session please use the following links:

Please  note: The moderator link can only be used by one person at a time and is required if you wish to test loading content such as slides. If someone is already in the webinar as a moderator you can join as a participant and get moderator privileges.

If you can’t make it to the office hours and have any questions regarding Blackboard Collaborate please contact us at

Running your session on 9-10 December

Guidance for presenters on webinars

Due to a tightly packed schedule we will adhere to strict time limits for webinars as follows:

  • 20 minutes for presentation
  • 5 minutes for questions

Discussions can be continued in the virtual conference cafe

Each session will be moderated by a member of the ALT Staff Team who will introduce the session and ensure that timings are adhered to.

You will be able to access Blackboard Collaborate up to 30 minutes prior to your session start time, in order to prepare and upload any presentation slides. A member of the ALT Team will be in the session from this time to grant you the necessary moderator rights.

Webinars can be accessed directly from the online programme, simply click ‘Join Webinar’ on each of the sessions within the programme at

If you have any technical difficulties prior to or during your session, please contact

Guidance for presenters on Tweetchats

Tweetchats will be led by the presenter. The hashtag for tweetchats can be chosen by the presenter and if one isn’t provided the default is #altchat.  Additionally we also use #altc hashtag but given this will be used for webinars and session announcements it could get confusing if used simultaneously. You can however still use #altc to announcing/summarizing the chat. e.g. “Join us at 1pm for our #altchat on xxx see http:// for info #altc” or “thanks for everyone who joined our #altchat see http:// for info #altc”.

If you haven’t already done so please let us know the hashtag and Twitter handles for the chat so that we can include this in the conference information and help promote the chat via the official conference channels to before 12 noon on the 4th December.

If you have any questions or are no longer able to host your chat please contact

After the conference

Following the conference the online conference platform will remain available at . If you are writing about the conference share your posts by using the #altc hashtag.

As this is the first online event of this size that we are running your feedback will be especially important this year, so look out for the evaluation form.

All sessions at this conference are led by ALT Members and we’d like to say thank you for helping us put together such a varied programme. Thank you.