Tips for participation

Make a commitment

While an online conference is designed to free you from the constraints of face-to-face conferencing you still have to make a commitment to participate in the discussions. In setting up this conference we have included a number of ways to stay up-to-date including email push and RSS feeds we still would still recommend that you set aside some time not only review and participate in discussions but also review the resources created by presenters so that you may participate effectively.

Be prepared

Before the conference familiarise yourself with the conference environment. Take a note of our ‘helpdesk’ email and Twitter account @A_L_T. Check the conference timetable and take a note of the key dates and times (Note: All times and dates are in GMT unless otherwise stated).

Be realistic with your time

We want participants to gain the most out of the online conference but be realistic with your time. It might not be possible for you to read every paper and participate in every discussion. Weigh up your time and focus on the topics you are most interested in or the ones to which you feel you can make the greatest contribution. Remember all the discussions will be archived so there is an opportunity to review the other topics at a later date.

Keep other participants in mind

Being removed from the physical contact of a traditional face-to-face conference it is easy to forget about the other participants. Please respect the views and opinions of other participants.

Adapted from Wang, Y.M., 1999, Online Conference: A Participant’s Perspective, T.H.E. Journal, v26 n8 p70-76.