Higher Colleges of Technology

Job title

Manager of Teaching Innovations and Development

Bio Danny Munnerley is the manager of innovation and development in learning at the Higher Colleges of Technology and is a professional associate of the INSPIRE centre at the University of Canberra. He has lead many learning space initiatives, developed innovative academic programs and produced highly effective educational design projects within higher education and for the private sector in Australia, UAE and UK. His research poses the question ‘Does space matter?’ and investigates the spatiotemporal interactions between curricula, pedagogy and the physical environment. Through explorations undertaken at INSPIRE and with the aide of a major grant from the Australian Government, Office for Learning and Teaching. Danny has developed approaches that blend space design and pedagogical frameworks to deliver student experiences that encourage creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial activity. He is passionate about rethinking global education, imagining new places to study and developing rich learning experiences that help students connect with each other, with knowledge and history and with their environment. He claims that he would happily work for free, but for now will exchange his time, energy and passion for a good coffee, being part of a great team, sharing the workspace and generally making a difference in the world. Danny welcomes you to contact him and is always happy to discuss experiential learning, educational architecture, mixed reality technologies and participatory design. Or if you just fancy going out for a run, he keeps his trainers close by:)
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