• Truly thought-provoking session, Peter. Thanks very much! I will be looking to read around these ideas and examples. Any pointers you can give would be very welcome.

    • Hi Paul – glad you enjoyed the talk.

      Blockchain Learning is a work in progress but general information on the Blockchain can nevertheless provide many inspirational insights. I would strongly recommend you visit Especially regarding Smart Contracts.

      Also, – which provides a public interface to the activities of the ledger.

      The book I referred to was Blockchain-Blueprint for a new economy by Melanie Swan, which is published by O’Reilly.

      I hope to be able to publish my full transcript and slideshow online in the next day or so and will publish a link to it on this page.

      If you have any further comments or thoughts on the topic please feel free to get in touch via the soon to be published site.