Guidance for Session Chairs

Thank you for volunteering to be a session chair.

We have added your name to the full online programme for each session and you can also refer back to the Google doc you used when you first signed up. Please make sure you are registered for the conference so that you receive all the information including joining instructions.

What’s involved in being a session chair:

  1. Arrive at the session 15 min before it’s due to start (usually a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra room, which you access via the link on the session page in the programme). A member of staff will give you moderator access to the session;
  2. At the start of the session, please introduce the session as you normally would in a face to face conference and help the presenter facilitate Q&A at the end or during the session as needed. Keep the session running to time.
  3. We aim to record all webinar sessions unless the presenter requests us not to. We ask that you start and end of the recording and we will then make sure the link is put up after the event.
  4. At the end of the session, please thank the presenter and the participants and point them towards the online programme for more information about what’s one next.

Unable to come?

In the event you are unable to be at the session you are due to chair, please email .

Below, for reference, is the guidance we provide to presenters.

Before the conference

In advance of your session at the ALT Online Winter Conference 2017, please see the guidance for presenters below.

Presenters’ pre-conference checklist:

  • Cancellations: If are no longer able to give your presentation, please contact

Running your session

Guidance for presenters on webinars

Due to a tightly packed schedule, we will adhere to strict time limits for webinars:

  • Webinars are allocated 45 minutes in total
  • Presenters should plan for a 30-minute presentation including any interactive elements and Q&A

Discussions can be continued in the Virtual Conference Café.

Each session will be moderated by an ALT Trustee or a member of the ALT Staff Team, who will introduce the session and ensure that timings are adhered to.

You will be able to access Blackboard Ultra up to 30 minutes prior to your session start time, in order to prepare and upload any presentation slides. A member of the ALT Team will be in the session from this time to grant you the necessary moderator rights.

Webinars can be accessed directly from the online programme. Simply click ‘Join Webinar’ on each of the sessions within the programme at

New to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra?

Collaborate help:

If you have any technical difficulties prior to or during your session, please contact

Guidance for presenters on Tweetchats

Tweetchats will be led by the presenter. A suggested combination of hashtags is included on your session page.

If you haven’t already done so, please let us know your Twitter handles for the chat by emailing before 12 noon on 11 December. This will enable us to include this in the conference information and help promote the chat via the official conference channels.

If you have any questions or are no longer able to host your chat, please contact

After the conference

Following the conference the online conference platform will remain available at If you are writing about the conference, share your posts by using the  #altc hashtag.

As this is only the third online event of this size that we are running, your feedback will be especially important this year, so look out for the evaluation form.

All sessions at this conference are led by ALT Members and we’d like to say thank you for helping us put together such a varied programme. Thank you!