Accessibility Guidance for Presenters

We are committed to ensuring that our events are accessible to all delegates and expect a diverse audience.  As a speaker you should consider how to make your contribution as accessible as possible. If you are not sure how to start, have a look at these tips and resources:

Using Closed Captions

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra does not provide automatic closed captioning. Where possible, we encourage presenters to use screen sharing to present and enable auto-captions in the platform they are using, e.g. Powerpoint or Google Slides.

Before the session

  • Prepare to share materials online so that participants can access them and make any adjustments required
  • When preparing materials use clear screen optimized fonts such as Arial
  • Reduce the use of coloured background such as red and where possible use black text
  • Try and incorporate different presentation styles into your presentation e.g. diagrams for and verbal explanations

During the session

  • Speak clearly into a microphone
  • Describe pertinent visuals
  • Explain acronyms
  • Give the audience time to digest the information
  • If using polling or other interactive features explain the result to the audience
  • If an accessibility issue is known, allow the audience member an ‘open mic’ to be able to ask questions freely

After the session

  • If appropriate share contact details so that delegates can get in touch if they have questions / need clarification
  • If not already provided, provide delegates with copies of the materials cover