Guidance for Session Chairs

What’s involved in being a session chair:

  1. Arrive at the session 15 min before it’s due to start (usually a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra room, which you access via the link on the session page in the programme or your daily email). A member of staff will give you moderator access to the session.
  2. Our staff member will deal with all the technical setup and help presenters with their slides. They will also provide an overview of the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra interface just before the start of the session.
  3. At the start of the session, please introduce the session as you normally would in a face to face conference and help the presenter facilitate Q&A at the end or during the session as needed. Keep the session running to time. Most presentations are 25 minutes, which includes 5 minutes Q&A and there are usually two presentations in a 50 minute slot.
  4. At the end of the session, please thank the presenter and the participants and point them towards the online programme for more information about what’s one next.