Mandy Jandrell


Mandy Lee Jandrell is an internationally exhibiting artist working with installation, photography and moving image and is Director of the Falmouth School of Art and Institute of Photography. As well as overseeing campus based Art and Photography courses, Mandy also oversees Falmouth’s MA Photography and MA Illustration courses which both operate fully online with students all over the world. In recent months, Mandy has been working closely with colleagues at Falmouth to develop their signature blended delivery on campus which is an integrated and multi-mode approach to learning and teaching that combines access to Falmouth’s outstanding technical facilities and production resources with an enriched virtual learning environment. She is especially interested in how we might use digital platforms to collaborate globally to decentre our curricula- and is a core founder of the Global Photographies Network, launched this year, which over recent months has built connections between 5 UK based institutions with HEIs and cultural organisations in South Africa, Mexico, Taiwan, Argentina, Sweden, Indonesia, Japan and Hungary.