‘GO-GN Goes Gasta’…by Tom Farrelly

An online Gasta! – How will that work? That is certainly a question that I asked myself and was asked of me when I proposed that we take the Gasta format into a purely online environment. I must admit, I’m great on the Blue Sky thinking but the details; at times that’s another matter that I leave to fate and friends. Luckily, I had some great help from friends and colleagues and thankfully the Gasta Goes Global event in April turned out to be a great success, giving people a chance to share some great ideas and insight and yes, raise a smile around the world. More importantly, we learned some great lessons and showed that a format that was hitherto very much based on ACTIVE in-situ crowd participation could still function. In case you haven’t been to the last two ALT conferences have a look at these videos from Manchester in 2018 and Edinburgh in 2019 to get a flavour.

These are indeed difficult times, so I am thrilled that the ALT Summit team has been able to include a Gasta session, even more so that we are able to combine it with a Global OER Graduate Network event. If ever the world needed to strengthen its commitment to open education it is now, so I am looking forward to hearing from our upcoming Gastateers. That said, I will not let my admiration get in the way of being strict about the timekeeping 😊.

As with all Gasta sessions, audience participation is key so come prepared to count in Irish (check out this video), stamp your feet, wave your arms and generally get involved and enjoy. We want you to take videos and photos, contribute to the chat and create a real sense of community – please use the hashtag #ALT20Gasta to share your thought, pics or videos.

Finally, thanks to Maren Deepwell & ALT, and Bryan Mathers, we now have a badge which will be awarded to Gastateers, past, present and future! So, watch out for future calls for a Gasta session to get yours and see you all online on the 26th.