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A big thank you to our strategic, session and scholarship sponsors for helping make the Summit happen!


Our mission is to partner with the global education community to enable learner and institutional success, leveraging innovative technologies and services. With an unmatched understanding of the world of the learner, the most comprehensive student-success solutions, and the greatest capacity for innovation, Blackboard is education’s partner in change.

Learn more about Ally, a ground-breaking plugin that focuses on making digital course content more accessible. Blackboard Collaborate, web conferencing application built for learning and SafeAssign, with integrated workflows the solution is easy to use comparing submitted assignments against a set of academic papers to identify areas of overlap between the submitted assignment and existing works.

Positive Internet Company

The Positive Internet Company ( has been an innovative open-technology company since 1998. Focusing on high-end hosting with second-to-none customer support, we own and operate our own data center near Cambridge, UK with hundreds of our own servers (almost all running Debian). We host and maintain a variety of systems, many of these are fully managed by the Positive technical team. In addition to working with some big and interesting corporations (including major financial organizations and media groups) and household names (British celebrities like Ricky Gervais and Stephen Fry), we host none other than the father of Free Software himself, Richard M. Stallman.


BetterExaminations is a modern end-to-end exam management and eAssessment platform designed for educators and learners, anywhere in the world. Securely create, approve, deliver, proctor and mark all types of exams and assessments through a highly scalable cloud-based system. It was designed from work with over 220 Universities and Colleges worldwide, is extremely easy to use and is ideal for Higher Education Institutions, Schools, Membership Organisations and Awarding Bodies. The solution also provides comprehensive exam management, governance, integration and reporting features including support for exam workflow, external examiner support, feedback / marking and features to help you manage traditional paper-based exams.


Turnitin logoTurnitin is a global company dedicated to ensuring the integrity of education and research and supporting the development of original thinking skills. For more than 20 years, Turnitin has partnered with educators, researchers, and students to promote honesty, consistency, and fairness. Our newest solution, Turnitin Originality, rises above basic text similarity checking to offer a new standard in academic integrity. With a solution designed to address emerging trends in misconduct—such as contract cheating, mosaic plagiarism, or deliberate text modifications —Turnitin Originality is a unified solution that helps students, instructors, and administrators keep integrity at the core of the work they do.


Session Sponsors


Brickfield Education Labs

Brickfield Education Labs provides an integrated accessibility platform for your Moodle LMS to enable institutions to increase the accessibility of their course materials to create more effective and inclusive learning environment. The Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit enables institutions to find the issues in their web content of their Moodle LMS, Fix the issues using wizards and futureproof their course content for students and teachers. This creates a more inclusive environment reducing the stress on students and staff alike. We work in partnership with institutions to help target improvements for a managed rollout of improved accessibility and usability processes.

Inspera Assessment


Inspera Assessment was created to provide test takers with equal opportunities and to enable them to prove their skills in an authentic way. We empower universities, awarding organisations, governments, municipalities and schools to deliver secure, standardised tests, open- and closed-book exams, as well as formative and diagnostics tests. Inspera Assessment is a secure cloud-based, end-to-end assessment platform that supports your organisation’s examination cycle entirely on-screen, from initial question creation to exam delivery and collaborative marking. Along with a wide range of question types, Inspera also supports safe Remote Exams with advanced monitoring in a time where social distancing is important.

Created by Learning Technology experts, MyKnowledgeMap, is a powerful, visual ePortfolio designed to support learners throughout their entire learning journey. From university-wide projects to individual programmes and apprenticeships, enables the learner to drive their own development, whilst providing staff with the tools they need to give valuable ongoing support and track engagement. Visit to see how supports learners in tracking progress against competencies and frameworks in real-time, obtaining valuable feedback, earning digital badges and more. If you would like a demonstration, get in touch with our team on info@myshowcase.m


Since 2004, PebblePad has been helping educators blaze new trails in the way learning, teaching, tutoring and assessment approaches are designed and delivered. Every day in universities across the globe, educators use PebblePad’s Learning Journey Platform to help students and staff plan for their learning, record and reflect on their experiences, collect and curate evidence of achievement, and share and showcase evidence of their evolving capabilities. All of which is supported by tools for creating integrated and authentic assessment opportunities. PebblePad is a platform designed by educators for educators, and our mission is to help learners develop and share their unique talents for life-wide and lifelong success.


Rapidmooc produces self-serve video booths letting anyone make professional quality videos in minutes with no specialist skills or post-production needed. Create educational content from moocs, e-learning courses, tutorials, expert interviews and blended learning content. Over 150 businesses, universities and schools are using Rapidmooc, including: University of Oxford, EDF Energy, Lloyds Bank, Thales, Allianz and Orange.


Vevox is the award-winning live polling and Q&A app designed to increase student engagement and knowledge retention through interaction. Accessible on any smartphone, tablet or computer, Vevox is a simple to use Student Response System (SRS) for your online, hybrid or face to face classes. Vevox helps educators to gain instant student feedback, test knowledge, increase participation and above all give every student a voice. Used in 150+ countries by over 1500 businesses and educational institutions, winner of the 2018 Bett Award for higher education and the highest independently rated SRS system on the market (4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot.)

WISEflow from UNIwise

WISEflow from UNIwise is proven, secure and scalable online assessment platform born out of the university sector. WISEflow helps higher education institutions transform the creation, management and delivery of exams and assessment. Successful throughout Europe, WISEflow is an integral component assessment, and in support of the student learning experience. We believe that first-class personal attention and experience sets us apart as we support customer success through implementation and wider roll out.