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2008-2016 in Learning Technology #altc

I missed 2008, but every year since then I have participated in ALT’s Annual Conference. While I work for ALT in my ‘day job’ I also attend the conference as a Learning Technology professional (and this year as a Certified Member of ALT for the first time…). So as well as work, for me it’s … Continue reading 2008-2016 in Learning Technology #altc View Article

Reading: How should we measure online learning activity?

I’m very interested in learning analytics in general, but probably more so in their application to how they can be used to benefit both the academic team (to help guide and improve the offered course) and the students so they can be used to help them guide and motivate them through the learning materials. This paper […] Related posts: Reading: “Online learning in the workplace” How do you measure the ‘success’ of a MOOC? What makes a good online learning experience? View Article

What is a Learning Technologist? Pt. 15

In May 2015 I joined Warwick Business School, WBS, as an eLearning Consultant. In September the same year I was awarded the ‘highly commended’ Learning Technologist of the Year award from the Association for Learning Technology (ALT). The strange thing is, that was the last time I posted about being a Learning Technologist here. After […] Related posts: Year in Review / 2013 Learning Technologist of the Year #altc #LTaward What is a Learning Technologist (part 9): Ignorance is bliss? View Article

Projecting the future

Having just emerged from the usual end of year exam marking frenzy I am now pushing ahead with a learning and teaching project supported by Warwick's International Higher Education Academy. The project team is an international mix, combining staff and ... View Article

ALT-C 2014 post conference reflections.

I always look forward to this conference and this year it was held at Warwick so it was a lovely opportunity to bring this brilliant community right to the heart of my work context. The keynotes were inspiring, the connections and presentations helpful... View Article