This is site is being developed to help ALT Members connect, collaborate and share practice. We’ll be helping a number of ALT Members Groups and SIGs establish a space here. ALT Members Groups and SIGs are managed by ALT Members. Here is an overview of ALT Members Groups and SIGs (Note: Not all of these groups have a presence on

Joining Groups

To join the group you need an ALT account. If you are a member of ALT you’ll already have an account and you can login here. Once signed up you’ll be able to login to this site and join the group from the Groups page. When requesting to join a group it will assist group officers if you provide brief details about your role and institution in the optional comment box.

ALT Members Groups

ALT Members Group brings together members in a particular geographic area. Groups are managed by ALT Members, who are between them responsible for the day-to-day running of the group. The Chair or one of the co-Chairs or a Group are the primary point of contact between ALT and the group. Joining a Members Groups is only open to Members of ALT. However Members Groups are free to run events or activities open also to non-members. If your Organisation is a Member you can join for free as an Associate – see Membership Options. Please refer to ALT’s Policy on Members Groups for further information.

ALT Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

ALT Special Interest Groups are similarly constituted to ALT Members Groups. Rather than geographic areas they are focused special interests such as ‘open education’, FELTAG and ‘playful learning’. Unlike ALT Members Groups anyone can request to join a SIG. If you are not a member of ALT you can create an account on our ALT SIG Signup Page, login and request to join the SIG. 

 If you have any problems you can contact