• To give a flavour of the themes that we will be addressing on student-led teaching and content creation in this workshop, please take a look at this short YouTube recording which includes a link to a more detailed case study account:

    • Thank you for an interesting presentation today. Having students create resources seems an obviously beneficial approach to me. The difficulty, I suspect, is helping students to understand they will get most out of it if they put effort in (i.e. the usual problem of engagement) and helping staff to feel comfortable with a facilitation role, steering and questioning etc while still making sure the learning outcomes are met.

      Do you ever hear concerns about the balance between time/effort spent on the subject content and that spent on using whatever tech the students choose to make the resource. E.g. do students spend a disproportionate time learning how to make the app/game/website than learning archeology? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.