ELESIG Scholar Scheme

Are you looking for a way to support your emerging research practice in the area of digital education, or perhaps you might be interested in sharing your experience to support someone else who is just beginning on that journey. The Scholar Scheme is an innovation mentoring scheme to bring those with experiences and skills to share (advisors) with those who are in need of a little more support (scholars).  

What is the Scholar Scheme about: The Scholar Scheme is a facilitated, reciprocal mentoring scheme for people involved in learning technology who are interested in developing and strengthening their capacity in research and evaluation. Mentoring is important because it provides individuals with valuable guidance, support, and feedback to develop their skills and knowledge, navigate challenges, and achieve their personal and professional goals. ALT ELESIG want to share and develop research and evaluation skills within this community to help us all benefit from a better understanding of where educational technology is heading.  

How the Scheme will work: We want you to apply using the form provided. If you are selected you will be invited to five group workshops facilitated for all participants, and be placed in an advisor/scholar pairing which will be expected to meet together 4 times (approximately 4 hrs of one-on-one engagement in total). The majority of this work will take place between September 2023 and January 2024. This year’s iteration of the Scheme is inspired by the ‘Change Laboratory’ model. This process is a collaborative approach used in organisations to identify and transform systemic challenges. It involves bringing together diverse stakeholders to critically examine existing practices, uncover underlying assumptions, and co-create innovative solutions that address complex problems and drive positive change. You will learn the basics of this model during the sessions. This does require a commitment from you, and although the process is free, we would like you to think carefully about the workload and what you want to get from the scheme, whether you join as advisor or as a scholar.  

Limited numbers: For this version of the Scheme, we want to work with a smaller group of advisors and scholars in order to maximise the support we can offer. This is why we are asking you to write something about yourselves and your ideas to help us select a group that we believe will work well together and will remain committed to the scheme.  

Research: This is an interesting and novel scheme, and ALT ELESIG will conduct research to help understand the issues involved in supporting the development of educational technology scholars and how to further improve the scheme. Participants will be fully informed of any research activities being undertaken.  

Register your interest here – https://forms.gle/64v38JUuJizmuDCN6

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