Webinar Recording: ‘Open Guilds’ – what can they do for me?

The proliferation of free learning resources on the web and the increasing strength of the Open Education movement provide opportunities and challenges for both educators and the institutions that employ them. We need to find ways to embrace the potential of collaboration while respecting the rights of collaborators and co-creators.

Join this webinar to explore the idea of ‘Open Guilds’. These are networks of teachers/lecturers committed to creating and sharing open educational resources. An Open Guild in your curriculum area could provide a straightforward and mutually beneficial way of building up easily accessible collections of useful learning resources, and there could also be gains in terms of professional development and capacity building.Presented by Terry Loane and Teresa MacKinnon

About the presenters

Teresa MacKinnon is a Principal Teaching Fellow at the University of Warwick Language Centre. She is an experienced language educator and innovator. She has taught French for 30 years, and her research interests include voice over the internet and telecollaboration in language teaching, informal learning, assessment and learning theories.

Terry Loane is an independent practitioner specialising in the use of digital technology to enhance learning. He has taught in every educational phase from pre-school to higher education. His main interests currently are in exploring how people really learn and the impact of technology on the management and structure of educational institutions.

A recording of this session is available at the following link: https://sas.elluminate.com/mr.jnlp?suid=M.6F1288BA31A822A5267540EE237B99&sid=7565

2 Jul 2015 1:00 PM   to   1:45 PM
United Kingdom

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