Webinar Recording: Open education over the pond? Updates from the OpenEd Conference, Vancouver 2015

This pre-conference webinar taking place in the week of the Online Winter Conference is run by the ALT Open Education Special Interest Group (OESIG).

For more information on the OESIG and other ALT Member Groups please visit our get involved page.

This free webinar will give a highlight of exciting open education news and practices from the annual ‘OpenEd’ Conference to be held this year in Vancouver, 18-20 November (#opened15). The webinar will focus on teaching practices, research and policy from the perspective of US, Canadian and international communities.

The webinar will be presented by:

Dr Viv Rolfe from the University of the West of England, who is presenting at the Vancoujver conference on innovation in open educational practice.

David Kernohan from Followersoftheapocalyp.se, who is presenting on trends and patterns in open education research over the past decade.

Both presenters will share highlights from their talks and the best from the conference.

A recording of this webinar is available at the following link:



7 Dec 2015 12:30 PM   to   1:15 PM

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