Open educational practice: #oep A DIY manifesto.

At a time when social media is playing an important role in mediating opportunities for professional development, dissemination of practice and international, intra-institutional collaboration, this tweet chat will share examples of what it means to support learning and collaborate in the open. It will be part of the activities in the #altc winter conference and you can follow the chat on twitter and in the conference programme here.

This blog post sets the scene, describing the current discussions taking place in the open education community about open educational practices, open praxis and open pedagogies. The terms are currently a focus for discussion in the international open education community.

The Cape Town Open Education Declaration (2007) stresses that open education is not limited to open educational resources (OER). It also draws upon open technologies that facilitate collaborative, flexible learning and the open sharing of teaching practices that empower educators to benefit from the best ideas of their colleagues. It may also grow to include new approaches to assessment, accreditation and collaborative learning. Openness is the opposite of secrecy.” (Opening up education). In her work on open praxis, Catherine Cronin urges us to theorise openness.

The chat will invite participants to share their interpretations of open practice in education and give examples of how this is manifested in their own professional activities. We will explore the risks of open practice and how these can be mitigated, discuss the opportunities, share resources and attempt to contribute towards a clearer personal understanding of what a manifesto for open practice in education could do for you.

To participate, join us on Tuesday 12th December at 4pm (event time where you are) in twitter using the tags #altc #oep and see if you can define your own DIY manifesto for open educational practice.

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Claim your Badge

If you took part in the tweet chat and would like to claim an Open Digital Badge please visit this link. You will need to set up an account with DigitalmeCredly if you wish to claim the badge and upload a link to your tweet containing the two hashtags as evidence of your participation.

Share your DIY Manifesto

If you have created your DIY Manifesto – please share it on our PADLET here

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