Serge Ravet

Interview with Serge Ravet

Serge Ravet is President at Reconnaître – Open Recognition Alliance

I have long been puzzled as to why open badges are rarely mentioned in our annual OER conferences. I do believe that the open infrastructure and the innovation which is crystalised in an open badge offers an opportunity for deeper conversations about what we value in education. I was delighted therefore during the course of this interview with Serge to hear him identify open badges as a catalyst for interaction. His focus on the human rather than the technological is also important, especially at a time of global pandemic when technological “solutionism” abounds. I hope that you enjoy our conversation, recorded and shared here. I know I will be reflecting upon it and I am grateful to Serge for sharing his digital wisdom.

To find out more about the Open Recognition Alliance visit the website.


  • Moira says:

    Hi Teresa That was a fascinating interchange of ideas. Adjusting ePortfolio bechmarking along these lines, i.e. to show your learning drivers rather than your hoop jumping agility, would be ideal, but perhaps too good to expect. Thanks.

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