We have a wide range of past and upcoming webinars that run from September to June each year

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23 May 2024 1-2pm – Dr Theresa Nicolson and Dr Carmen Herrero, Manchester Metropolitan Uni Title of Session: Creative Momentum Around Active learning.

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Past Webinars:

  • Dr Helen Crompton, Old Dominion University. Title of session: Assessments – What to Avoid with cheating and how to create new types of assessment using GenAI. Watch on YouTube
  • Dr Catherine Elkin, Leanne Fitton and Dr Chris Little, Manchester Metropolitan Uni. Title of Session: Reflecting on supporting staff and students to develop critical AI literacies for active learning. Watch on YouTube read Blog post
  • Yaxin Bi, Peter Nicholl and Naveed Khan, School of Computing, Ulster university – Title of session: Case study of Technology Enhanced Learning at UU – engagement analysis and students’ digital experience, post 2020. Watch on YouTube
  • Dr Rod Cullen, Steven Williams and Dr Janet Lord from Manchester Metropolitan University will host an interactive webinar. Title of session: Breaking down barriers to active learning: Creating an institutional Apps for Teaching and Learning toolkit. Read Blog post
  • Dr Vicki  Dale (University of Glasgow)   Title of session: e-pedagogy frameworks that support student-centredness
  • Dot Powell (University of Warwick) Title of session: Study of WhatsApp group chat interactions within Distance Learning MBA virtual study groups

Previous  Lunchtime Webinar recordings 21-22

2 September 22 – Richard Beggs Watch the ‘Get Involved in AL SIG‘ webinar as part of ALTC22

16 Mar 2022 – Deborah Arnold – Methods, techniques and tools to support active learning: the elene4Life Dynamic Toolkit – Watch on YouTube

25 Feb 2022 – IACLE Ian Miller – Lessons from moving learning online – Watch on YouTube

19 Jan 2022  – Elisabetta Lando – Active Learning with Video using eVoli – Watch on YouTube

11 November 2021 – Rod Cullen & Orlagh McCabe – Active Learning Journeys: The TREC Model – Watch on YouTube

13 October 2021 – Dr Angelica Risquez – ABC learning design online – Watch on YouTube

15 September 2021 – Richard Beggs – Active Learning an institutional approach – Watch on YouTube