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Speaker info


  • All speakers must register by Friday 18 August after which sessions will be withdrawn from the programme.
  • Presentations should be prepared and submitted by Friday 25 August.

Preparing and submitting your presentation

This information was sent to speakers via email on 2 August 2023. If you have not received the email, please email

Preparing your presentation

Accessibility for all attendees is of the utmost importance to ALT and as such, we have a suite of guidance and materials to help you prepare a presentation that can be enjoyed by all attendees.

In the email you received a link to a folder containing the following materials:

  1. Video guidance on creating an accessible presentation – and a copy of the slides
  2. Written guidance on preparing your presentation
  3. A Google Slides template which you may use to help ensure your session is fully accessible

Submitting your presentation

Speakers will not be able to use a USB stick at the venue. Therefore, sharing your presentation with us ahead of the event will enable us to make it available on the session room PCs in advance.

  • Please submit your presentation by uploading it to the Google Drive folder (shared with you in the email) for the day that you are speaking.
  • Please label your presentation clearly with your session ID and title at minimum e.g. 100 This is my presentation title
  • If you are unable to use the Google Drive for any reason, you may use a filesharing link such as and we will upload it for you.

Session rooms

All sessions will take place in The Oculus building on the ground or fist floor. Take a virtual tour of The Oculus building.

All rooms contain the following audio visual equipment as standard:

  • Lectern with fixed computer (PC) and laptop,
  • Touchscreen control panel,
  • 2 Lapel microphones,
  • HDMI and VGA connection,
  • Dual or triple display,
  • Document camera,
  • Whiteboard.

If you require any connections or adapters not listed above, please bring them with you.

360 tours

All rooms, except the Main Hall, will be arranged in a cabaret layout with the maximum capacities listed below:

Live streaming and recording

All rooms will be live streamed to our online delegates and recorded. This is to enable online delegates to access as much of the conference as possible and widen participation for those unable to attend. Recordings will be available for all delegates after the sessions and will be later made public on ALT’s YouTube channel.

Online participants will not be able to interact with the room, unless you enable it through an online polling tool for example. The live stream is only a stream of the room. There is a ~20 second delay between the room and stream so be aware of that if you do try to involve online delegates.

Live streaming and recording from each room will be happening at all times throughout the conference. Reminder messages will be posted in each room.

If you would prefer not to have your presentation made public after the event, please email

Engaging with your audience

Our Audience Engagement Partner, Vevox, will be providing online polling, messaging and Q&A for online and on-campus delegates throughout the conference for sessions in the Main Hall (OC1.05). All speakers who are not already Vevox users will be able to trial Vevox during the conference.