We publish the #altc blog, formerly the ALT Newsletter, on a continuous basis. It contains a wide range of posts and articles, including news, opinion pieces, project updates, case studies, book reviews, ‘a week in the life’ summaries of the work of people in the Learning Technology field.

Meet the Editorial Team

Editor in Chief: Anne Hole, University of Sussex.
 Stella Ekebuisi, Queen Mary University of London; Peter Reed, University of Liverpool; Chris Rowell, Regent’s University; Howard Scott, University of Hull, Teresa MacKinnon, University of Warwick, Santanu Vasant, City University, Rachel Challen, Nottingham Trent University

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Writing for the #altc blog

Members of the #altc community are encouraged to get involved by writing for the community blog. The #altc blog publishes short, topical entries to help keep us all up to date with developments in Learning Technology and provides an opportunity for discussion.

Writing for the blog gives you the opportunity to disseminate your work, share something you are excited about, explore a common problem, or express an opinion.

Further information for authors is available here.

Contact us

For more information or to submit an article for publication in the #altc blog, please email us at blog@alt.ac.uk.