Developing Digital Literacies across sectors #jiscdigilit

The Association for Learning Technology (ALT) has been contributing to the Developing Digital Literacies programme funded by Jisc which aims to “promote the development of coherent, inclusive and holistic institutional strategies and organisational approaches for developing digital literacies for all staff and students in UK further and higher education”.

During the course of the programme, ALT acted as a partner to a number of projects and worked on a broad range of activities relevant to both HE and FE sectors including:

  • CMALT, professional development and the UKPSF;
  • Scholarship and Literacies in a Digital Age, a Special Issue of the Research in Learning Technology journal;
  • together with the Institute for Education, facilitating a series of webinars;
  • blog posts about digital literacies published in the ALT newsletter;
  • conference sessions in 2012 and 2013 at ALT’s annual conference;
  • related content on ocTEL, the Open Course on Technology Enhanced Learning;

To access any of these resources and for further information, visit

The Association for Learning Technology Team

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