Sharing Our Practice and Knowledge

So a while ago we asked who had presented at ALT-C and other conferences so that we could collate all the great work that everyone’s busy doing.
Below are a list of the links that were sent through. If there’s any other presentation that’d you like to flag up to the group, please do let us know. It’s great to see collectively how much knowledge an experience we have between us:
Coffee cup chair
Coffee cup chair
Rachel Challen and Matthew Green: Is LaTTE the perfect blend? (The journey of a teaching room into a learning space):
Sarah Horrigan: TELLUS about it, Collaborative approaches to staff development 
OER Bottle- Martin Weller
Rob Farmer and Kate Littlemore: Using OERs and e-tivites to create acollaboratve, mobile friendly, learner-centered course:
Digital Practice Framework
Elaine Swift: Digital Practice – a framework for engaging staff learners:
Image of Alan Clarke's Moving minds presentationAlan Clarke: Moving Minds – using digital montage and video to construct knowledge
E-Pragamtists in WEA
This was at the national WEA conference where, in the  workshop, we invited participants to self-assess against the 5 ‘Internet cultures’ proposed recentlty  by William Dutton and Grant Blank from the Oxford Internet Survey.

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