Call for abstracts – “Riding giants: how to innovate and educate ahead of the wave”


A call for abstracts  has been issued for the 21st international conference of the Association for Learning Technology (taking place from 1-3 September 2014 in Warwick, UK).
The call for abstracts for this conference (“Riding giants: how to innovate and educate ahead of the wave”) centres around five key themes:
  • Predicting Giants What are our now and forthcoming big questions, big challenges, and big changes?
  • Learning to ride We do not learn on giants but are looking for examples from schools, colleges, universities and other education providers where collaboration and knowledge exchange are successfully used to innovate and educate. In some cases the learning may involve falling off and getting wet.
  • Evidence on board How do we move on from being a (virtually) lone rider? Collaborating and collecting evidence at scale (within or between institutions), analysing it and critically assessing the analysis are needed in order to fill the largely missing middle between (research) experiments and full scale deployment.
  • Staying up, mobile and personal Learning and Learner Technology have the potential to engage, enable and disrupt. How is digital technology changing the journey and what coping strategies do we have?
  • All agog Results that show that we can ride large waves and possibly giants: emerging technology and teaching practice in significant action.
We invite the submission of abstracts for sessions of the following types:
  • Standard presentations (15 minutes).  These will normally take the form of a 10 minute presentation followed by 5 minutes for questions.
  • Extended presentations (30 minutes). These will normally involve some audience participation such as in a traditional demonstration session.
  • Long presentations (60 minutes).  These may follow a variety of formats. We are especially interested in innovative and creative sessions.
Whether you’ve been involved in ALT for years, are new to the learning technology domain, or are an experienced practitioner, supplier, funder, policy maker, researcher, writer, or presenter from other fields, please take the time to review the call and guidelines: With your help the 2014 ALT Conference can be a truly outstanding, influential, and enjoyable event internationally.
Abstracts can be submitted via by Midnight (GMT) on Monday 31 March.
More information about altc2014 can be found at



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