Join the new ALT Wales Group

The ALT Wales Group is a new Special Interest Group (SIG) which is currently being established.

Similar to the ALT Scotland Group, which was established in 2012 and which has since been very active, the ALT Wales Group is a national SIG for practitioners and researchers in learning technology based in Wales.

ALT Wales will work to:

  • further the aims of ALT in Wales;
  • promote the technology agenda in all sectors of Welsh education;
  • encourage sharing of expertise, resources and best practice in learning technology within the context of Welsh education;
  • influence relevant policy and strategy;
  • develop constructive relationships with related organisations and committees.

Between now and September, we are seeking individuals from across sectors to join this new group and help establish a more active and influential presence in Wales, contributing to the Association’s work on a national and international level.

We look forward to seeing this new group established and working together to support Learning Technology in Wales.

To sign up, visit

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