Fabrio: Bridging the skills gap in Computer-Aided Design

By Anirudh Vadiyampeta, COO & Co-Founder of Fabrio


Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is no longer a niche skill – it’s the universal language of modern creativity. From manufacturing everyday products to developing Oscar-winning special effects, CAD is fundamental to the entire design process. Yet, a concerning skills gap is emerging. A staggering 64% of engineering companies report a lack of skilled talent as a barrier to growth, with 56% of new recruits lacking the necessary skills upon entering the workforce.

The gap between education and industry becomes strikingly apparent in engineering education. While colleges and universities are integrating CAD into the curriculum, traditional teaching methods often leave out practical, industry-relevant CAD skills employers desperately need.

The Problem:

  • Time-Consuming Marking: Educators are bogged down by manual marking processes, spending countless hours providing feedback on CAD assignments. This leaves less time for valuable learner interaction and curriculum development.
  • Insufficient Feedback: Learners are not receiving adequate or timely feedback on their CAD work, hindering their progress and impacting their learning experience.
  • Industry Disconnect: Development of learning content is slow and often lacks commercial input. As a result, learning lags behind industry needs.

Fabrio: Bridging the Gap

Forward-thinking institutions are already taking action to bridge this gap. Leading universities like UCL and Imperial College London are incorporating Fabrio into their engineering curriculum, recognising the need to equip their learners with industry-relevant CAD skills.

At Fabrio, we’ve developed a revolutionary platform that empowers both learners and educators to meet these challenges head-on:

  • Interactive CAD Courses: Our courses are specifically designed to reduce teacher intervention and promote independent learning, allowing learners to progress at their own pace. This approach has been successfully implemented at UCL, where Fabrio is being used across various engineering disciplines.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Our unique add-in integrates seamlessly with industry-standard CAD software, providing learners with instant feedback on their design work. This real-time assessment feature is a game-changer, allowing learners to identify and correct errors immediately, fostering deeper understanding and faster skill development.
  • Industry-Relevant Skills: We bridge the gap between education and industry by teaching the practical CAD skills employers are looking for, ensuring learners are job-ready. We work closely with industry giants like Autodesk and RS Group to ensure that our teaching always meets the real-world needs of the industry.

By combining cutting-edge technology with industry-aligned content, Fabrio is transforming CAD education and preparing the next generation of engineers for success.

Call to action:

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