Your ALT Newsletter needs You!

Being a membership organisation, the quality of what we can do for our members is often driven by what we can do ourselves to help the broader community of practitioners.  This is particularly true with our ALT Newsletter.

To this end, we are always receptive to new ideas and constantly on the lookout for new content, and at the moment we are particularly keen for members input in the following areas:

A Week in the life….:

This series of articles provide a great insight into the working lives of our colleagues. It’s fascinating to read the fantastic diversity of what we all do, and I’m sure it helps to build up a spirit of community in sharing this diversity. So why not join in and let us know what’s been happening in a week of your life….?

ALT Roving Reporter:

We are currently looking at the idea of having a new regular feature, which would entail an interview with learning technologists (individuals or teams) from our community, similar to that which featured the University of Manchester’s Faculty e-learning team in October 2009. However rather than decide who to interview ourselves, we though it would be interesting to crowdsource our interviewees, responding directly to requests from you. So if you have someone in mind to be interviewed, or even are feeling brave and fancy being interviewed yourself, please email us telling us who you are, who you want to see being interviewed, and why you think such an interview would be of interest and benefit to the community.

Ideas for articles and event reviews:

In addition to the above, we are always looking for ideas for articles, reviews of recent events, new tools or products that you find interesting or promising, or things you’ve done recently in projects that you would like to share, do please get in touch.

If you would like to contribute to any of the above, then please email Graham McElearney for more information.

Graham McElearney
The University of Sheffield

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