Scholarship and Literacies in a Digital Age – Special Issue of Research in Learning Technology

Research in Learning Technology, the journal of the Association for Learning Technology, has published a Special Issue, “Scholarship and Literacies in a Digital Age”.

In the editorial, Norm Friesen, Lesley Gourlay, and Martin Oliver comment that, “these papers provide a range of perspectives on this fast-moving area of engagement with technology, reminding us of the urgent need for sustained critical and theorised work in this field.”

You can find the following articles at

  1. Textual practices in the new media digital landscape: messing with digital literacies by Lesley Gourlay, Mary Hamilton, Mary Rosalind Lea
  2. The five resources of critical digital literacy: a framework for curriculum integration by Juliet Hinrichsen and Antony Coombs
  3. Capturing the sociomateriality of digital literacy events by Ibar Bhatt and Roberto de Roock
  4. Scholarly, digital, open: an impossible triangle? by Robin Goodfellow
  5. Multimodal profusion in the literacies of the Massive Open Online Course by Jeremy Knox and Siân Bayne
  6. The habitus of digital scholars by Cristina Costa

In 2013, ALT hosted a series of webinars funded by the JISC IOE Digital Literacy project based on some of these papers.

Papers numbered 1, 2, 4, 5 above are available as recorded webinars via:

The journal has also recently issued a call for research papers for altc2014. Accepted papers will be published in a Special Issue of RLT, and presented at the 21st annual conference of the Association for Learning Technology, 1-3 September 2014, to be held at the University of Warwick, UK.

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